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Part 1: Cultivating humanity, building identity, and being purpose-driven… or just woke-washing?

Authenticity is key when it comes to brand purpose and consumers are not fooled by a brand that jumps onto a trending cause without making sure that as a company they are aligned in their ethos and beliefs.

I was surprised by the number of brands and indeed some of the brands that posted a black square onto their social media feeds on Tuesday for #blackouttuesday with the #blacklivesmatter but my immediate thought was ‘ok but what’s next?’

How are those brands ensuring that they are speaking to and resonating with their consumers? How inclusive are their workforces and especially their boards? If they really believe that #blacklives matter then are they actively trying to hire black people into their organisations?

Because that really would be making a tangible difference. Posting a trending hashtag is equivalent to box ticking, it’s doing nothing to get the job done!

Many marketers struggle to effectively communicate with their audiences, and consumers are making their voices heard by taking their hard earning £’s and shopping elsewhere.

Brand loyalty is no longer something that marketers can take for granted, consumers want to see how sustainable a brand is, know that they are treating their employees fairly, know that they are supporting charitable causes, know that the factories have good working practices….

In other words, digging behind the brand to ensure that it’s aligned with their own personal values and beliefs.

Of course it will take time to make a difference, but if a brand is serious about making a difference then a good place to start would be by supporting a charitable cause or purpose.

We are in an unprecedented time with Covid-19 but this gives businesses an opportunity to look at where they want to go and what type of company they want to be as we emerge from this crisis.


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