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How should marketers be spending now? – 6th May 2020

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Spending on search – This is of course industry dependant but sectors which are seeing consumer spend increase such as tech, home learning, e-grocers, entertainment should be firming up their search activity to ensure that their forefront of customers minds. Social Media – but authenticity is key, look at possible collaborations with content creators that both fit in with your brand and their target audience works for your product or service. Also look at channels which may have traditionally sat outside your social media strategy such as TikTok, prior to lockdown this was very much viewed as a younger audience but has organically manged to broaden the age appeal (ie. Dame Judi Dench) and offer e-commerce opportunities for brands TV & CTV – brands that aren’t traditional TV spenders can utilise this current period when some of the big budget tv advertisers aren’t advertising and rates may be lower (but audiences are fully engaged) to dip their toes in the water Programmatic – Again offers a lot of opportunity for marketers, much has been written about the fallout as a result of brands blanket blacklisting Covid-19 and associated words but by doing this they are missing out on huge engagement rates associated with all the positive stories. Consumer belief in certain news brands are high right now and there is a great opportunity for advertisers to utilise this and test programmatic in trusted environments. Dynamic Creative – This is an opportune time to try out different creative messages to see what resonates with your audience Brand Building – Consumers are looking at brand behaviour during this crisis, brands are being called out about how they are treating their staff and how they are helping the community and also the authenticity of their advertising messaging. Now, more than ever brands should be communicating with their existing customer base and reminding them of their core values.

Ellie spoke to AdTech London as part of a panel of industry experts the full article can be viewed here


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