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Pre-Market Evaluation & Entry Strategy

A surprisingly high number of companies, successful in their own markets, fail when expanding internationally. The primary reason is due to the lack of or poor due diligence resulting in unforeseen costs and complications.

All markets have different nuances, rarely can you replicate your existing business model.

The Advisory Collective will conduct a full market appraisal in your business sector to understand the need, opportunity and growth potential for your business as well as competitor set and suggested pricing models.

All companies will know who their key competitor is, in some cases will even set benchmarks against them but without really understanding the extent of the competitor strengths and weaknesses needed to set your business up for success.

The Advisory Collective conducts exhaustive research and evaluates the market including tracking the up and comings and the 'disruptors' to understand what potential threat you may face on your journey.

This analysis is a critical part of your launch plan, as competitors vary from market to market.

Competitor Analysis

Strategy & Phasing

Once all due diligence has been undertaken either by us or by you as a company, The Advisory Collective will devise (or review) your GTM focusing on product differentiation, positioning, messaging and setting the right tone, personas, the sales cycle, customer journey, sales support and materials and use cases

Many of projects we undertake work in phases whilst preparing for launch. As a team will work with you to ensure that each step meets with your goals, timelines and budgets

We will work alongside you to determine the fiscal feasibility of your project. Additionally we will set lifecycle budgets and look at cost control measures to manage the delivery and quality of the project to achieve the desired outcomes.

Cost Planning

Market Positioning, 
Localisation of Product & Services

How do you position your service or technology in a crowded market?

Does market awareness already exist?

Where will your support be situated, can you operate in multiple languages?

Do you have the ability to develop your product in line with your existing roadmap?

What is the benefit to the potential buyer if they already have a similar solution(s) in place? 

Working alongside your team we will identify your ideal target customer, help to shape your product or service, to ensure your company is strategically presented and correctly positioned locally in the optimal way for success.

A common challenge when launching in a new market is how to best staff the office to set you up for success.

Many companies go the ‘one person on the ground’ route which then leaves them with an almost impossible task of marketplace coverage. The Advisory Collective have launched businesses, we know the market and will work alongside your team to ensure that you are best placed for success.

To accelerate business, we have an experienced team of industry personnel who can be utilised on a project basis until there is a need for full time headcount. They will engage in active conversations with your key prospects and build out your pipeline for future FTE’s.


If required we will we act as an interim GM focusing on sales, marketing and raising brand awareness.

​When you are ready to expand your team, our extensive network will ensure you have the right people in place to take the business forward.

Business Development,
Interim Management & Resourcing

Media PR Strategy

The Advisory Collective will work with your existing marketing and PR teams to identify the most relevant industry events. We will also highlight thought leadership and speaking opportunities which can help to raise brand awareness and support the commercial roadmap.

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